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Feminization Hypnosis

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Feminization Hypnosis

Feminization Hypnosis

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What an incredible experience I had with Feminization Hypnosis, to give you some background I’m in my fifties and desire that feeling of being feminine. Whilst I’ve an interest in feminization, cross-dressing and feminization hypnosis over the years this feeling has steadily grown stronger as I have come to terms with my sexuality and femininity. I have only had three major experiences in the past, a girlfriend used to dress me up when in my teens-early twenties and pretend to hypnotize me; I had a makeover when thirty and another when forty.

Having got reasonably good skin, the make-over when I was thirty made me look beautiful, but for some reason I didn’t pursue things. I had a really bad makeover when I was forty which gave me the impression that the days of looking great were over – how wrong was I!

Format: Feminization Hypnosis - Hypnosis Feminization Download Mp3
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Running Time: 31 minutes

Feminization Hypnosis Short Video Clip of MP3

Feminization Hypnosis Review by Natalie

Hello all young ladies of the world my name is Natalie and I live in Florida, USA. I am half Norwegian and half German. Although all we girls never tell their age I will say I am a retired high school teacher. From the age of 5 or 6, my sister would pretend I was her younger sister. I hated it and yet loved it! For 65 years I have suppressed these feelings of being feminine until I found Feminization Hypnosis and now I feel bad about trying to keep them down.

The negative feelings of suppressing who I really am create tension, a feeling of uneasiness, and a basic unhappiness with me knowing I am living a lie with my life. After retirement and moving to a smaller community, the vacuum that no career created allowed for the feelings to rise and rise which they did, slowly at first and then they became stronger, and stronger. I went to internet and explored and found a whole world of information and websites, and low and behold I found feminization hypnosis which beckoned me to move forward and here I am.

I am very happy I found this site and JJ’s feminization hypnosis and cross-dressing websites they are places where I can be understood and helped in my journey of discovery of the hidden self. If I could be the perfect female I would be tall, as I am now. I would be slim as I pretty much am but with the right curves and shapes. I would dress in very feminine nice clothes. High heels or ballet flats, attractive boots, skirts and blouses, dresses and long hair as mine is now. Make-up and lipstick most certainly, yes lipstick I sneak it on now in neutral tones.

For my feminine occupation I would be a violinist or a ballerina as I love music. When I pick up my violin and play I am female as I gently caress the strings and bring out the beauty of the instrument's sound. Smooth, soft and very seductive, I even named my violin Simone because she is French. Additionally when I go to a salon and have a manicure or a facial or my hair shampooed and blow dried, I pretend I am the woman I want to be while I am there. I know I look out of place as a male there, but I do it anyway and the girls there know me by now. They may think I am strange, but it is a nice strange.

I am working on transforming and it is hard in the day to day life of reality with a wife who doesn't know what to think about my strangeness other than wondering if something she didn't do caused it all. There are grandchildren in a nearby city who are of course ignorant of the real me, as are their parents. I am reaching a frustration point as the desire to be who I should be is growing stronger and stronger. Listening to Feminization Hypnosis has only reinforced this, when I listen I drift off into my wonderful feminine world why I can be exactly who I really am.... Natalie.

Live Face To Face Feminization Hypnosis

A thought recently crossed my mind and I was curious about how I could look, so booked a three hour make-over and arrived at the apartment at the allotted time. JJ opened the door, looking stunning, and led me into a room for a cup of tea to discuss my wishes and needs as well as feminization hypnosis. We discussed the look I wanted and talked freely about our experiences. It was fun just chatting as it’s not everyone you can chat too about feminization and feminization hypnosis. JJ noticed the stubble on my chin and asked if I’d brought shaving equipment, which I had. I was then led into the bathroom where panties, stockings, suspender belt, bra and a red satin slip and robe were waiting, together with a pair of red high heels, what a lucky girl I was.

When washed, shaved and dressed, JJ took me into her salon for the makeover, sat me in her professional make-up chair and put a pink blanket over my knees. She’s an incredible character and I could have chatted for hours. I was probably in there for an hour and a half as, with makeup, she transformed me into a stunning woman – this replicating the image that had been created over twenty years before and one I thought was impossible. She talked me through all the processes and I saw the gradual transformation take place in the mirror in front of me. There was so much detail and nothing was rushed. The foundation layers went on, followed by various procedures. False eyelashes, false nails painted with red nail polish and she asked if I minded having my eyebrows trimmed, which I gladly agreed to. As you are no doubt well aware eyebrow hair goes grey and very course when one starts to hit middle age. JJ spent a long time over my eyes and lips and applied subtle pink blusher to my cheeks.

It was all very impressive and compounded then by the earrings and wig and the choice of clothes. Having seen my-self made up, I went through an incredible array of emotions, and my subconscious mind must have gone into overdrive at this point as my self-image and behaviour started to have a mind of its own if that is possible, where my mannerisms and even my breathing changed. I thought I had seen, pretty much, the final look as my mind and body began taking on the form of this beautiful woman.

I wasn’t allowed to look into the mirror and see the wig and clothed look until I was led into another room. Here, I was spellbound! I actually fancied the image I looked at in the mirror – not in a conceited way, because it wasn’t me, I was just mesmerised by the look she’d created and the beautiful woman looking back at me.

JJ then led me through for a drink and a chat and took pictures before stating the feminization hypnosis. I was seated on a soft comfortable chaise lounge surrounded by satin and silk cushions supporting my head, neck and shoulders. It was now time to just listen and relax, to submerge myself totally in all that is feminine within me.

Looking like a true woman means being a beautiful woman from the inside out, I wanted so much to be feminized that I decided to surrender my masculinity to reflect my femininity on the outside and achieved this with feminization hypnosis. JJ soft melodious voice is sensual, confident and 100% feminine, it was as if she knew exactly what my inner female thoughts are. No stone was left unturned as I spiralled down to the deepest level of relaxation with Feminization Hypnosis. Then and their JJ took away any masculine feelings and just allowed me to be me.

I would just say to you allow yourself to give up control and trust JJ totally with her Feminization Hypnosis, you will not regret it, I was lucky enough to be hypnotized in person but I also took away with me a copy of this MP3 recording Feminization Hypnosis. All I can say is the experience and mp3 recording is something I will treasure for a long time to come and hopefully will be back soon to indulge myself even more if not in person then definitely by listening more to JJ feminization hypnosis MP3. Thanks JJ, what a wonderful experience and I look forward to coming back.

Brochure |  Feminization Hypnosis

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